6 Month Braces: Frequently Asked Questions

Will people notice that I am wearing braces?

One of the biggest issues for people is how they will look during treatment. Braces come in all different sizes and colors. For those not wanting the "metal mouth" look we offer tooth colored or clear braces. Many have commented that most people don't even notice they are going through treatment when they have the clear braces. We even offer tooth colored wires to help hide the treatment. And remember: six months is such a short period of time.

What can 6 Month Braces do for my smile?

Six Month Braces can be used to correcting spaces, gaps, crooked, or crowded teeth. It works especially well for the teeth that show in your smile. After they are straight and beautiful - many patients will bleach their teeth to make the smile more perfect. Most of our adult patients are candidates for 6 month braces and we find it can improve almost any smile.

6 Month Braces vs. Regular Braces

Six Month Braces are similar to conventional braces in that it uses the same concepts to move teeth. The difference between the two is really the goals of treatment. Six Month Braces focuses mainly on the teeth that show in your smile. For those who have trouble chewing or have teeth that do not function correctly; traditional braces may be a more proper solution. For those requiring or desiring this we offer traditional braces. So in Summary: Six Month Braces focuses on what you want while traditional braces focus more on what you may need. That's why we refer to Six Month Braces as the 'Vanity Braces.'

How long will it take?

Most of our cases take about six months. Some take less time. Some complicated cases may take up to nine months to achieve a better smile. However; the vast majority of cases take only six months. We often hear from our patients that it felt like no time at all! It's amazing how fast 6 months goes by. By the time you have your teeth cleaned again you could be in and out of braces and have a beautiful smile.

Will it damage or hurt my teeth?

Six Month Braces uses light forces to move teeth. This is safe and the same forces used in traditional braces. The key is that we focus all our efforts on the teeth that show in your smile. These teeth move faster than the back teeth. So by treating primarily the smile teeth we can accomplish treatment faster, usually around 6 months. So yes: Six Month Braces is safe and effective. Some patients tell us they feel some tightness in their teeth after adjustments but patients rarely report pain and say the tightness goes away quickly or they get used to it.

How does 6 Month Braces compare to Invisalign?

Invisalign is a great product and we offer it when the situation is appropriate and the patient wants it. We have treated many patients successfully with Invisalign: its advantages are mainly cosmetic. Being able to remove the invisalign to eat, drink, brush, and for social situations is a great advantage that many people need. It's disadvantages are that treatment times usually take longer in our experience, the cost is significantly higher, patients must be very compliant in order for treatment to be successful, not everyone is a candidate for Invisalign, and our experience shows that it is more difficult and time consuming to get good results.

The Advantages of Six Month Braces are: lower cost, shorter treatment times, compliance is easy, fine tuning is easier, quicker and they are nearly invisible.

Will I need a retainer?

Yes. With all kinds of orthodontic therapy it is important that a retainer be used to ensure your teeth remain straight and protect your investment. We offer a number of different types of retainers from traditional acrylic retainers to invisible and permanent retainers.

What if I have existing dental work like crowns, veneers, dental implants, or bridges?

Braces can be bonded to dental crowns, porcelain veneers, dental implants, or bridges just like natural teeth. It usually will not affect treatment.

How much will it cost?

Cost can vary depending on your needs. However; the cost is considerably less than traditional braces or Invisalign treatment. Six Month Braces cost far less then porcelain veneers as well. It is truly an economical smile makeover. Payment plans for Six Month Braces are available. After a thorough exam and consultation we would be able to let you know the cost.

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